Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snake Blood

           Snake blood is used in South West Asia to mix drinks, and they insert the snake blood in alcoholic beverages. I don't know if they ever heard of cranberry juice or grapefruit juice. It basically takes place of a mixed beverage like pineapple juice. It has a rich tangy test, it is compared to the bitter taste of wine, and I honestly do not recommend mixing it in your beverages.

Fried Spider

Extreme Foods (Fried Spider)

     Present in Cambodia and South Asia, many countries consider insects as food. Served with a thick creamy brown sauce to help those crunchy critters slide down your throat easier. They also come in chocolate coated, but many people of these regions prefer it to be fried dipped in a thick brown sauce.

Baked King Crab Legs

Nice summertime dish, served good with a side dish of spaghetti, served with a nice butter cream sauce. It is hard to discover these king crab legs, and when you do overseas it is a very dangerous job. They use ice-laden boats and work in difficult stormy and windy weather. Sometimes they break through ice to find this giant critters, and work through midnight storms with their lives at risk.

Bake King Crab Legs (Favorite Shellfish)

Godive Chocolate Cheese Cake

    Layers of flour of Godiva chocolate cake, with a rich thick Italian cheesecake on the bottom. One of my favorite deserts, and its perfect around Christmas and Thanksgiving time. It is served in a lot of restaurants around this October, November, and December time. It is perfectly put together with some chocolate syrup, powdered sugar, and some whip cream with a side glass of milk, coffee, or hot chocolate.

Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake (My Favorite Desert)